_Insulated Parka HRC3

insulated-parka-6015fr-navy-frontThe Insulated Parka is designed to be insulating, yet flexible to wear. Insulated clothing can be bulky and awkward to work in, the parka is made specifically to address this issue, with double insulating layers in the torso and single layers in the arms. This ensures a comfortable range in motion and necessary warmth to core areas.


  • ATPV = 27 cal/cm2
  • HRC 3
  • NFPA 70E
  • OSHA 1910
  • ASTM 1506
  • NESC 2012
  • NFPA 2112 Pending


  • Two Zippered Chest Pockets
  • Two Pen Holders
  • Two Hand Warmers
  • Inside Security Pocket
  • Ribbed Storm Cuffs
  • Storm Flap Front Closure


  • Flexible Elbow Joint
  • Comfortable, Generous Fit
  • Heavy Duty Seams & Closures
  • Double Core Warmth


  • S M L XL 2XL 3XL


Wash Instructions

Recommended Options:  Home Wash, Dry Cleaning, Industrial or Commercial Wash.

Our wash instructions are simple and mostly require that you leave out extra chemicals during the laundering process.  Benchmark FR garments will remain flame resistant for the life of the garment provided they are cared for properly.  Detailed wash instructions are inside each garment.  To keep them looking their best, machine wash warm and tumble dry low heat.  Use store purchased soft powder or liquid detergent.  Do not use lye based soap, chlorine bleach, oxygenating agents or acid rinses (common to industrial laundries).  Iron without steam.  Clean garment if soiled with flammable material and repair garments with like materials if damaged.  Wash once every six months regardless of use per (ASTM F2757).