Really Nice Shirt (HRC2) 9.5 cal/cm²

Really Nice Shirt 1008_Beige_Model-340x500

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The Really Nice Shirt is made from 192 gram Benchmark FR Modified Weave material and has taken Benchmark two years to develop. The result is a one of the softest FR fabrics available that is also lightweight with high thermal performance value (9.5 cal/cm2). The combination of cable-like ring spun yarns and a proprietary mod

Modified weave makes it the softest HRC2 shirt on the market today.  A key feature of the Modified Weave is that it allows body heat and vapor to easily escape through passages created by floating yarns. All shirt details are tailor constructed to give the Really Nice Shirt its “really nice” appearance.  It is designed for electrical and utility workers who need a single layer shirt, with a greater than 8 cal rating.

During an incident the yarns compact and protect the wearer from arc flash and flash fire.  Flame resistant properties do not diminish with washing when proper care instructions are followed.


1008 Really Nice Shirt top button• Soft Breathable Fabric
• Comfortable Generous Fit
• Professional Appearance
• Safe to Wear against the Skin
• Flame Resistant for Life!
• Large Arm Openings
• Double Top Stitch Construction
• Front Pocket Pen Holder
• Clean, Straight Hem
• Tailored Construction
•Melamine High Temperature Closures


1008 Pen Pocket



Custom Options:


This is the most effective way to brand your workers.  Patches are safer than direct embroidery because it punctures the flame resistant membrane as much as 95% less than direct embroidery.

Reflective Striping

Silver or Yellow/Silver/Yellow: Our yellow/silver/yellow striping offers both daytime and nighttime visibility and is safe for both home and light industrial laundering.

Screen Print

Full color, high-resolution logo’s can be applied using screen prints. Screen-printed logo’s can be applied to the back of a garment and/or above the front pockets. Screen prints will remain vibrant if home laundered or dry cleaned. It is not advisable that screen-printed garments are industrial laundered.

Colours:  Gray and Beige