Garment Care

Simple Care

Benchmark FR garments will remain flame resistant for the life of the garment provided they are cared for properly.  Our wash instructions are simple and mostly require that you leave out extra chemicals during the laundering process.


  • Wash Benchmark garments once every six months, but no less than once a year, regardless of use.
    • Frequent washing is recommended to avoid soiling and to maintain peak flame resistant properties. (ASTM F2757)
  • Remove and clean clothing if soiled with contaminants or flammable material.
    • All materials influencing flammability must be completely washed off the garment.


Simple Care Options

Home Wash
This is the preferred method for cleaning your flame resistant garments because even the most basic home washer will keep your garments looking better than an industrial wash service. This is because there are less garments being washed at once, hence less abrasion.

  • Set washing machine on cotton cycle.
  • Warm water or normal temperature setting (140 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Home laundry detergent (e.g. Tide® or All®).
  • Do not use bleach whether separate or contained within the detergent.
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide or oxygenating agents (e.g. OxyClean®).
  • Do not use lye based, tallow or home-made soaps.
  • Do not use fabric softeners.
  • Tumble dry low or medium heat, do not over dry.
  • Avoid pressing with open steam.
  • Do not use starch.
  • Do not use acid rinses.
  • Do not use hard water
    • Use softening agents (Stasoft) or water softening systems.

Dry Cleaning
While all Benchmark products can be dry cleaned, it is the favored method for washing Benchmark insulated garments such as parka’s and bibs.

  • The dry cleaning solvents should be clean.
  • Solvents systems are safe.
  • Solvent systems charged with water and detergents are safe.

The Industrial or Commercial Wash
You must notify your laundry service that they are washing a flame resistant product.  Flame resistant garments are designed to react to heat and it is important the laundry service knows to follow the wash instructions which are embroidered/sewn inside the back of every Benchmark garment.

  • Wash soiled Benchmark flame resistant garments separately
    • This avoids cross contamination.
  • We recommend flush, break, carry over and rinse with water not exceeding 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Benchmark FR properties are normally not affected by high wash temperatures however, to avoid excessive shrinkage they should be avoided.
    • Lower temperatures for lightly soiled garments are recommended for increased garment life and maximum color retention.
  • Adequately rinse garments to remove detergents and residues.
    • Garments should have a pH of 7 or should be slightly alkaline.
  • Do not use sour or acid rinsing agents
    • Neutralizing alkaline materials with acid can form salt deposits and should be avoided.
    • Caustic based alkaline does not rinse well.
    • Adequate rinsing to achieve dilution and a neutral to slightly alkaline pH should be used.
  • Do not use bleach whether separate or contained within the detergent.
  • Do not use lye based, tallow or home-made soaps.
  • Benchmark FR garments can be dried using typical methods for cotton however to avoid excess shrinkage over drying should be avoided.
  • Typical cotton pressing techniques can be used, however avoid finishing and pressing with open steam.
  • Do not use starch