“…flame resistant properties will remain effective for the life of the garment, regardless of the number of washing and wearing cycles.”

How it Works

When exposed to an ignition source such as flames, severe heat or an electric arc, Benchmark FR garments will react to protect the wearer by self-extinguishing within moments after the ignition source has been removed.  It is this rapid reaction that can save the wearer’s life and limit the extent of an injury.

Benchmark FR fabrics are permanently impregnated with an organo-phosphorous flame retardant which reacts with the hydroxyl group in the cellulose of cotton.  This flame retardant is not a coating, but rather, a chemical bond with natural cotton’s molecular structure. In the event that the fabric is exposed to an ignition source, a carbon scaffold is formed through a rapid dehydration of the cotton’s cellulose. This reaction not only counteracts heat penetration, but also controls the spread of fire by “removing the fuel” from the fabric.

Benchmark FR garments will not melt or drip and they will not shrink in the presence of heat.  By maintaining a fabric-to-skin air cushion, Benchmark FR garments offer an increased level of thermal protection. If our simple care instructions are followed the flame resistant properties will remain effective for the life of the garment, regardless of the number of washing and wearing cycles.

Our Advantage
When flame resistant fabrics were first introduced, there was no benchmark, or standard of measure, to gauge the performance level of each fabric. With the recent development and adaptation of codes and standards, we can now quantify the various levels of protection offered by a flame resistant material. “We are the safest” is no longer an empty catch phrase, and can actually be determined in an evaluation of the ratings, which are shown inside each piece of protective equipment.

At Benchmark, we oversee the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.  We are a “vertical manufacturer.”  This means that we weave the majority of our fabrics, impart them with flame resistant properties, and then carefully construct the finished garments for a comfortable, lasting fit. In fact, the only outsourcing we allocate is for testing performed by independent laboratories. All Benchmark FR materials are evaluated by third party laboratories to ensure unbiased and accurate test results.

We feel that being a vertical manufacturer shows a commitment to both the FR market and our products. Many of our competitors are known as “cut & sew” manufacturers because they simply purchase treated material from a mill and convert the fabric into garments. As a result cut & sew manufacturers may be forced to minimize fabric usage which compromises fit and construction. Simply stated, cut & sew manufacturing does not lend itself to innovation or value for the customer.

At Benchmark our clothing’s fit is based entirely on what is comfortable to wear and not what is the most economical to construct.  We take pride in the fact that our garments have style, fit generously, feel softer and wear more comfortably than other flame resistant garments on the market.  Compare Benchmark to other brands; the difference will be obvious.


Permanently impregnated fiber                                           Coated fiber with limited durability




200 Wash Test
ASTM 1506 requires that the test for determining the flame resistance of textiles be performed the following two ways; on new
(unwashed) fabric and on fabric washed 25 times. Both methods require that the fabric has a char length of less than 6” and an after
flame time of less than 5 seconds.
In September of 2008, Benchmark voluntarily performed a test in which the goal was to measure the char length on Benchmark FR
fabric after 200 washes. This wash test was not merely “simulated”, but actually performed by a third party laboratory. The
Benchmark FR fabric was washed and dried 200 times using a permanent wash cycle, standard detergent, a wash temperature of 120
degrees and a permanent press dry cycle.
After 200 washes, not only did the Benchmark FR fabric remain flame resistant, but the char length actually decreased or improved.
Skin Safe message from Benchmark
“…protective garments not only provide the required protection, but are also safe to wear.”




Garment Care

Simple Care
Benchmark FR garments will remain flame resistant for
the life of the garment provided they are cared for
properly. Our wash instructions are simple and mostly
require that you leave out extra chemicals during the
laundering process.