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Self-Testing Voltage Detectors

Self Testing Voltage DetectorArc Flash Self-Testing Voltage Detectors allow testing to be continuous and automatic. An intermittent flash and beep confirms the detector is functioning properly.

Self-Testing Voltage Detectors are used to verify live or de-energized conductors. These testers may be used with rubber insulating gloves or hot sticks using the splined universal end fitting. Testers indicate the presence of voltage with an extra bright LED light and a distinctive audible signal. It is recommended that the tester be moved closer to the conductor until a warning is indicated, or it touches the conductor, apparatus, or elbow test point. Each tester requires three “C” batteries (included).





Suretech High Voltage Personal Alert Bracelet


WhatSuretech HV/PA SURETECH TM HV/PT2 will do for you SURETECH TM HV/PT2 …the High Voltage Personal Tester can actually measure voltage from a safe distance, withoutb touching the HV source. Voltage estimates can be
done holding the tester in your hand. More accurate measurements can be achieved with the tester on the end of a link stick. The HV/PT2 is normally worn on your belt, or can be carried in a shirt pocket. You will no longer need to run back to your vehicle to fetch the proximity tester because it is too bulky to carry with you. Within a matter of seconds you can measure for yourself what the voltage is by checking operating distance against the graph. The tester is so simple to use that even unskilled workers can operate it with am inimum of instruction.





Arc Flash and Lineman Glove Kits

Glove kit with bag Black

Arc Flash insulating rubber gloves are necessary for every electrical worker’s complete safety. And to insure your safety, Salisbury’s leather protectors provide needed protection from cuts, abrasions, and punctures. To keep these safety items in top condition, proper storage is very important.




Arc Flash and Flame Resistant HI- Vis Vest

Arc Flash and Flame Resistant HI- Vis VestArc Flash  HI-VIS VEST has an ATPV rating of 5 cal/cm2 and is constructed
from a flame retardant mesh fabric and provides cool comfort. The vest’s
fabric has a 40 Xenon Rating, which is the highest visibility available.
No other fabric beats it! The vest is available in hi-vis orange or hi-vis yellow.






Insulated tools and Tool-Kits

Toolkit2 Toolkit3